Independent label: Spice Music Records. It managed at least one singles. by Mark Anthony, called 'Play De Carnival', it calls for support for a carnival in London - presumably the Notting Hill one - in the face of rumblings from City Hall.  Pressing was done by custom-manufacturing firm Lyntone; their reference number, LYN-3428, appears in the run-off area, along with the single's catalogue number, SPC-1.  The general appearance of the label is reminiscent of Motorway Sounds, and the name 'Casimir - Casimir Pitt - is common to both.  A label called 'Spice'  issued at least one West-Indian-flavoured single in 1978, the titles on which were published by Spice Music; But it is unlikely that this label and that one were connected. Distributed By Spice Music Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

76 Anthony Mark Circle Rhythm Play De Carnaval SPICE MUSIC SPC 1 7936

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