Independent label: Sphere Records. There's no date on the only record I have ever seen listed as being on the Sphere label, Keith Harry's 'Fat'n Good Lover' b/w 'Turkey Farm' (SPH-102) , but Harry had a single out on CBS in September 1970 ('Living It Up' b/w 'Puppy Dog'; 5175) which suggests that his Sphere record may well be from around that time.  The fact that it is in stereo points to the '70s rather than the '60s, as does the style of music: laid-back bluesy / trippy Rock with brass and simple lyrics.  The backing vocals repeat 'Oolay oolay, oolay I love her' all the time, while the lead vocalist extemporizes along the lines of 'She's fat and she's good and I love her'.  Throw in some female gasps and groans, and the result is distinctive.  The 'B' side is funkier and has lyrics which are open to more than one interpretation.  Presumably there was at least an SPH-101.  Pressing was by CBS; a scratched-out 'SPH-1003' on the run-off hints that the catalogue number may have been changed prior to release.. Distributed By Sphere Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

70 Not Traced SPHERE SPH 101
71 Keith Harry Fat'n Good Lover SPHERE SPH 102

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