Speedy Records was a DIY label. It's only product, 'The Champions' b/w 'Workin' Al' Nighter' by a group of mechanics from the Lotus motor racing team, looks like a promotional record. The record was produced to celebrate Emerson Fittipaldi‘s stunning F1 title glory at the wheel of the fabulous, JPS Lotus 72. However, the picture sleeve has a record company logo on it - a mouse with racing car wheels, and the words 'SPEEDY RECORDS' below it.  As the makers of the record have gone to the bother of providing a name for their label I reckon that they deserve to have the label noted.  The single came out in 1973 and had a catalogue number of SPD-1001.  The songs on it are similar to those that are usually sung by football teams. Distributed By Speedy Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

73 Team Lotus The Champions SPEEDY S.P.D 1001

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