Independent American label: Specialty Records was formed by Art Rupe in 1944, in Los Angeles, California; the company moved to Hollywood in 1949.  Specialty's repertoire consisted of Blues, Gospel, R'n'B, Jazz and Rock 'n' Roll.  Its biggest star, Little Richard, was signed in 1955; it also had successes with records by Lloyd Price and Larry Williams.   By 1960 the label had all but closed down; thanks to public interest in early Rock 'n' Roll it was reactivated in 1969, and items from its back-catalogue were repackaged and re-released.  Specialty was sold to Fantasy records in 1990. The British version of Specialty dates from the early 70s to the early '80s, during which period Sonet used it to reissue some classic records from Specialty's vaults - thus the 'SON' prefix.  Nineteen singles were issued, in an SON-5000 numerical series, and there was also an EP, numbered SONE-1. Two different label designs were used: a yellow one, which altered slightly in its later period, and a black-and-white one which copied the American original (3).  The initial period of activity seems to have been from 1972-74, during which time SON-5000 to 5015 were issued: these all had the first type of label. SON-5016 had the second type of label, which had 'A Specialty Records Inc. Recording' under the logo; it also had 'Made in England' at three o'clock, and the artists' names were in capitals.  Some earlier singles can also be found with this label as well: I've seen 5011, 5013 and 5015 with it.  Presumably these were re-pressed at about the same time as that single came out.  The last two singles, SON-5017 and 5018, seem to have had only the black-and-white label, as did the EP.  Many other records in the series can be found with this kind of label: presumably they, too, are re-pressings, but were done at a later period than those which I have already mentioned - the black-and-white copy of SON-5012 has '1978' on it.  As a result of all this activity at least one single, SON-5011, can be found with all three kinds of label.  Manufacture and distribution were by Pye. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

72 Little Richard Poor Boy Paul SPECIALITY SON 5001
73 Little Richard Tutti Frutti SPECIALITY SON 5002
73 Lloyd Price Short Fat Fanny SPECIALITY SON 5003
73 Don & Dewey Justine SPECIALITY SON 5004
73 Lloyd Price Lawdy Miss Clawdy SPECIALITY SON 5005
73 Liggins Joe Honey Dripper SPECIALITY SON 5006
73 Mayfield Percy Please Send Me Some One To Loce SPECIALITY SON 5007
73 Art Neville Cha Dooky Doo SPECIALITY SON 5008
73 Sims Frankie Lee Lucy Mae Blues SPECIALITY SON 5009
73 Cooke Sam I'Ll Come Running Back To You SPECIALITY SON 5010
74 Byrne Jerry Lights Out SPECIALITY SON 5011
74 Landers Bob Cherokee Dance SPECIALITY SON 5012
74 Williams Larry Slow Down SPECIALITY SON 5013
74 Montrell Roy That Mellow Saxophone SPECIALITY SON 5014
75 Little Richard Long Tall Sally SPECIALITY SON 5015
75 Little Richard I Got It SPECIALITY SON 5016
75 Fuller Johnny Haunted House SPECIALITY SON 5017
76 Little Richard Girl CanīT Help It SPECIALITY SON 5018
76 Little Richard Long Tall Sally SPECIALITY SONE 1

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