Spec Records was a DIY label from the Punk / New Wave era. It was owned and run by the group 'prag VEC'.  Spec existed solely to release prag VEC's records, of which there were three, two 7"s and an album.  The 7" were 'Existential' (SP-001; 10/78), and 'Expert' (SP-002; 6/79).  The album, 'No Cowboys' (RESPECT-1) came out in 1980. Distributed By Spec Records. prag VEC were a post-punk band from London, The band was formed in 1978 by ex-Derelicts members Susan Gogan and John Studholme, along with David Boyd and Nicholas Cash. The band split in 1981, with Cash joining Fad Gadget. Jim Thirlwell, who had contributed synth-noise to their album, went on to form Foetus.He played the Wasp, a battery-powered portable synthesizer with a built-in speaker. John Studholme died in November 2005, after a long illness. Along with Gogan, Studholme had co-written many of the band's songs. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 Prag Vec Bits' SPEC SP 001
79 Prag Vec Expert SPEC SP 002

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