Spark Northern Soul Records was a Sublabels label of Spark Records Ltd. In 1975 Spark issued a handful of records with the words 'NORTHERN SOUL' overprinted under the label name; they seem to form a discete collection for releases and re-releases for the UK Northern Soul market. Catalogue numbers were taken from Spark's main SRL-1000 series. The majority of them made it into the Charts, though only 'Skiing In The Snow' by Wigan's Ovation (SRL-1122; ) cracked the Top 20.  Subsequent singles in the same genre by the same artists lacked the overprint, as did some pressings of the final two singles listed below - presumably the ones without the overprint were later pressings. Distributed By Spark Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

70 Val McKenna Love feeling SPARK NORTHERN SOUL SRL 1038
71 Gene Latter Sign on the dotted line SPARK NORTHERN SOUL SRL 1063
74 Wigan'S Ovations Sking in the snow SPARK NORTHERN SOUL SRL 1122
74 Ruth Swann Tainted love SPARK NORTHERN SOUL SRL 1124
75 Wigan'S Ovations Per-son-ally SPARK NORTHERN SOUL SRL 1129
75 Tommy Hunt Crackin' up SPARK NORTHERN SOUL SRL 1132
75 Wigan'S Ovations Super love SPARK NORTHERN SOUL SRL 1133

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