Spanking Records was a DIY label. And was owned and run by Zipper, a band of mainly English students attending a college in Cardiff.  The label was brought into being as a vehicle for the band's self-funded single, 'The Life Of Riley' (S/79/CUS 268 / SPANK-1; 1979). Recorded At Stacey Road Studios and was Manufactured By SRT Productions Ltd. Pressed By Orlake Records. 'Riley' was picked up by Virgin Records and was re-released, as VS-283, in August 1979, but it failed to make any great impression on the record-buying public.  Zipper continued to gig until 1983, and they put out at least one more single on Spanking, 'Tin Soldiers', in 1982. Zipper was a five piece band in Cardiff, Wales, UK from 1979-83 which drew considerable inspiration from The Kinks. Members of the band were Andy Brice (bass), Steve Wilson (guitar), Jon Calvin-Thomas (vocals), Mike Gale (guitar), and John Turner (drums). Distributed By Spanking Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Zipper, The Life Of Riley SPANKING SPANK 1
82 Zipper, Tin Soldiers SPANKING SPANK 2

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