Independent label: Spade Records was the successor to Terry Eagleton's and Piers Chalmers's 'Injun' label.  As was the case with Injun, Spade's speciality was reissuing obscure Rockabilly records.  Its first records were licensed from Bennie Hess, who had been responsible for the original Spade label - a Rockabilly concern from Texas which issued records from 1956-57.  The original label design was licensed and used, and the records were pressed in America, giving them an authentic appearance.  Numbering was originally in an S-XYYYY series, where 'X' appears to have been the the number of records so far released and YYYY was the year - S101977, for example, seems to have been the tenth record released and 1977 the year it came out.  The system changed in 1978, with the year coming first and the record number coming last, as in S-19782.  In or around 1978 Spade started issuing British-pressed records with a different label design.  Most of its products were EPs, but it put out at least two singles, the first of which was split between Joe Poovey ('Ten Long Fingers') and Bill Reeder ('Till I Waltz Again With You').  Singles were numbered in an SP-500 series, EPs in the EP-100s; the highest number I have listed was EP-107.  Some tracks which had appeared on Injun were reissued: EP-101 also has 'INJUN EP 200' in the run-off, suggesting that it was a straight reissue of an Injun release.  The company's telephone number appeared on the label; it was shared by another Rockabilly label of American origin, ThunderRecords was active in 1978, so it is not unreasonable to assume that the white-labelled Spade records date from about that time - the labels don't seem to have had any dates on them.  Marketing of EP-101 (and the others) was by Plastic Fantastic, which also points to 1978-80; distribution was by Pye.  Manufacture of the only two records that I have seen in the vinyl has been by Orlake.  The gaps in the first part of the discography below suggest that there ought to be other American-pressed Spade Records out there.  Records that I have not seen pictured are marked with an asterisk; these may or may not have the reference to Sussex on them - if they don't they may be American only.  Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

75 Vern Pullens  Long gone  SPADE RECORD CO S 11975
75 Vern Pullens You Don't Mean To Make Me Cry SPADE RECORD CO S 21975
75 Carl Gillion / Donald Simpson Do Right Daddy / Save Me Your Love SPADE RECORD CO S 31975
75 Meredith Neal Gertrude SPADE RECORD CO S 41975
75 Bennie Hess Wild Hog Hop SPADE RECORD CO S 51975
75 Not Traced SPADE RECORD CO S 61995
75 Not Traced SPADE RECORD CO S 71995
75 Not Traced SPADE RECORD CO S 81995
75 Not Traced SPADE RECORD CO S 91975
77 Marylys Ternus I'M A Fool To Care SPADE RECORD CO S 101977
78 Ray Campi Catterpiller (Ep) SPADE RECORD CO EP 101
78 Jackie Morningstar Alabama Rockabilly SPADE RECORD CO EP 102
78 Vern Pullens Rock On Mabel SPADE RECORD CO EP 103
78 Anderson Andy & Dawnbreakers You Shake Me Up SPADE RECORD CO EP 104
78 Hayden Thompson Kansas City SPADE RECORD CO EP 105
78 Boppin' Bennie Hess Wild Hog Boogie SPADE RECORD CO EP 106
78 Jimmy Williams You'Re Always Late SPADE RECORD CO EP 107
79 Poovey Joe  Ten Long Fingers SPADE RECORD CO SP 500
83 N. A. Stevenson And The Four Kings Boogie Woogie Country Boy SPADE RECORD CO SP 501
78 Campi Ray Catterpiller (Ep) SPADE RECORD CO PFE 003
78 Tarapin Jackson  Gone Mama Blues / You Gonna Need Me SPADE RECORD CO S 19781
78 Tarapin Jackson  Milk Cow Blues / Sidetrack Blues SPADE RECORD CO S 19782

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