Independent label: Sovereign Records was relatively short-lived member of the EMI family, with a Progressive slant.  Sovereign was owned by Ben Nisbet, and was launched as the record arm of his newly-formed Big Ben Music publishing company.  It had an interesting roster of artists, including Renaissance, Peter Banks, Flash, Juliet Lawson and Public Foot the Roman.  It never achieved the success or the reputation of EMI's own Progressive label, Harvest, and neither its albums nor its singles are met with all that often nowadays.  Sovereign operated from early 1972 to mid 1974.  Its singles were numbered in the SOV-100s, and the label design remained unchanged throughout, apart from a tweak in the perimeter credits: for the very last single the reference to 'The Gramophone Co.' at 9 o'clock was replaced by one to 'EMI Records'.  The same alteration was carried out on most of the other labels in the EMI group, albeit six months or so earlier in most cases - perhaps Sovereign used up existing stock before bringing the new type in. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

72 The Joseph Horowitz Orchestra The Search For The Nile SOVEREIGN SOV 101
90 Morin And Wilson Save The Country SOVEREIGN SOV 102
72 Earl Jordan Sugar Joe SOVEREIGN SOV 103
72 Sovereign Collection Theme From Upstairs Downstars SOVEREIGN SOV 104
72 Flash Small Beginnings SOVEREIGN SOV 105
72 Rod Dawes Brand New Tennessee Waltz SOVEREIGN SOV 106
72 Madrigal Time Of The Seasons SOVEREIGN SOV 107
72 Richard Plant All Through The Day SOVEREIGN SOV 108
72 Earl Jordan Lord Release Me SOVEREIGN SOV 109
72 Fumble Hello Mary Lou SOVEREIGN SOV 110
72 Juliet Lawson Only A Week Away SOVEREIGN SOV 111
72 Sovereign Collection Theme From Upstairs, Downstairs SOVEREIGN SOV 112
72 Renaissance Prologue SOVEREIGN SOV 113
72 Yellow Pager Dougal SOVEREIGN SOV 114
73 Patrick Campbell-Lyons Everybody Should Fly SOVEREIGN SOV 115
73 Flash Watch Your Step SOVEREIGN SOV 116
73 The Joseph Horowitz Orchestra Search For The Nile SOVEREIGN SOV 117
73 Fumble Million Seller SOVEREIGN SOV 118
73 Patrick Campbell-Lyons Out On The Road SOVEREIGN SOV 119
73 David Ireland Shoot The Family Man SOVEREIGN SOV 120
73 Fumble Alexandra Park SOVEREIGN SOV 121
73 Mouse We Can Make It SOVEREIGN SOV 122
73 Steve īNīBonny Me īNīMy Soul SOVEREIGN SOV 123
73 Good Times Cokey Cokey SOVEREIGN SOV 124
74 Virginia McKenna Love That I Have SOVEREIGN SOV 125
74 Peter Sellers House On The Rue Sichel SOVEREIGN SOV 126
74 Mouse All The Fallen Teen Angels SOVEREIGN SOV 127

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