Southerners Records was a DIY label. owned by prominent British Folk Dance quintet The Southerners Band.  As well as recording for HMV and EFDSS Records. The Southerners put out several records, including at least one EP, on their own Southerners label.  The EP, 'Southerners Special' (LD SS-100) was the first release on the label; it was issued in 1971. Two LPs, 'Let's Dance Country Style' (LDS-12; no date) and 'Know The Game' (KTG-12; 1975), though given the specialized nature of the music,  Employing one set prefix for their catalogue numbers, as is generally the case, Southern used initials from the title of the record, which doesn't help a would-be discographer to hazard a guess at how many albums and EPs the company put out. Distributed By Southerners Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

71 Southerners Band Southerners Special SOUTHERNERS  LD SS  100

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