Southern Rock Records was a DIY label. And one of the many DIY labels from the Punk era, Southern Rock issued at least one 7": FX's 'South's Gonna Rise Again' EP (SR-4501; 1979).  Apparently the title track of the EP was a song in praise of football rather than a hymn to the Southern states of the USA. Other tracks on the record were 'O.B.E.' and 'Slag'. FX Was formed in 1979, Worthing, West Sussex and Disbanded in 1982. Band Members were Jon Burn (vocals, guitar), Clive Todd (guitar), Mike Burn (bass), Rick Leyland (drums). Distributed By Southern Rock Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 Fx South'S Gonna Rise Again (Ep) SOUTHERN ROCK SR 4501

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