Sound News Productions was a London-based custom recording firm.  It was active from the 1950s into at least the 1970s, and it seems to have specialised in private recordings of performances and broadcasts, which in some cases were cut directly to disc.  Its products covered a wide spectrum of recorded sound, ranging from a sung Mass through Classical music, Gospel and Folk to such oddities as an album entitled 'Elvis Talks Back' and recordings of the Congress of the International Psycho-Analytical Association.  Some of its output was available for the general public, some was not.  Numbering appears to have been in the SNP-0s for the most part; it seems to have got into the SNP-200s before undergoing a slight hiatus, from which it eventually emerged with a different set of numbers, SM-0.  Until some point in 1975 the labels had 'Sound News Productions' on them from around SM-65 this became 'Sound News Studios'. The labels can also be found in other colours.  At least one single made as a promotional tool for a business, George Fenton's 'Club 18-30's Holiday' (SM-141; 1977), had labels with that business's name and logo on it. A couple more had basic Sound News Studios labels with a record company name added to them: see 'Noisy Record Company' and 'Reel'.  The style of the matrix number on the run-off of the Wild Geese Folk Group EP shown above suggests that it was pressed by Pye, and the Noisy and Reel singles were made by Sound Manufacturing, so it looks as though Sound News may not have done their own pressing. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

71 No Artist Listed A Programme Of Music From Cedar Hall, Thundersley SNP SNP 187
71 Choir Of St Mildred'S Church Addiscombe  Magnificat In B Minor SNP SNP  212
73 London'S Voice Of Praise Songs Of Praise From City Missionaries SNP LCM 101
73 The Wild Geese Folk Group Save Our Steelworks SNP SNP SH 01
75 Junior Choir Of Christ's Hospital Hertford Junior Choir Of Christ's Hospital Hertford  SNP SM 97
76 Past And Present  Fall In Love With You SNP SM 123
77 George Fenton Club 18-30's Holiday SNP SM 141
78 The Duncans Blackbird SNP SM 179
75 Combined Choral Societies Of Cheltenham College Music From Cheltenham College Chapel SNP SM 64
77 The Calderdale Youth Symphony Orchestra Symphony No. 5 1/2 SNP SM 118
78 Port Talbot Cymric Male Choir Cymric Glee Canadian Tour 1978 SNP SM 174
78 The Duncans Blackbird SNP SM 179
79 David Firman The Glass Menagerie  SNP SM 210
79 Roy Demaine With The Colin Barry Sound Roy Demaine SNP SM 211
81 Mevagissey Male Choir The Song Of Cornwall / Trelawney SNP SM 240
81 Holman-Climax Male Voice Choir Cornwall Forever ! SNP SM 255

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