Independent label: Soul Stop Records was a label devoted to reissues of Northern Soul records, Soul Stop may in fact date from the early '80s rather than the late '70s, despite the date on the label of the single pictured.  'Music Master' suggests a release date of August 1982, but the existence of three different labels - red and black ones in the design shown above, and a red one in a different design - hints at more than one pressing and thus the possibility of more than one distributor and more than one release date; perhaps in the year given on the label. After all, 1978 was the year in which SS-3001, Muriel Day's, 'Nine Times Out Of Ten', was popular on the dance floor, so it would have made more sense to release the record then than in 1982.  The 45cat site gives 1978 as the year of its release, with the other singles coming out in the early '80s, which seems reasonable.  There were several such labels around during the years when Northern Soul fever had chunks of the country in its grip - Contempo and Grapevine spring to mind.  Soul Stop was one of the smaller ones.  It was still going in 1984, by which time it had reached SS-3010.  Distribution in 1982 was by Spartan.. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 Day Muriel Nine Times Out Of Ten SOUL STOP SS 3001
82 Gillies Corrine You Don'T Know Where SOUL STOP SS 3002
82 Street Judy What SOUL STOP SS 3003
83 Harper Jeanette Pick Me Up SOUL STOP SS 3004
84 Diamond Billy Stop SOUL STOP SS 3005
84 Williams Art Interplay SOUL STOP SS 3006
84 Mckenzie Scott Secert Home SOUL STOP SS 3007
84 Harris Lenny Long After Tonight Is Gone SOUL STOP SS 3008
84 Spencer Juan I'M On My Way SOUL STOP SS 3009
84 Jones Gloria Tainted Love SOUL STOP SS 3010

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