Sonroy Records was a DIY label from 1973. It managed one single. An EP , 'It's Christmas With The Thurlstone Bell Orchestra' (DEROY-956) was pressed by Deroy Sound Services, of Carnforth.  It seems that a lot of Deroy pressings came with white labels upon which more informative labels could be pasted.  The Thurlstone Bell Orchestra's additional label has 'A SONROY RECORDING' on it, which prompted me to give Sonroy a page of its own as well as including it on the Deroy page.  Who or what Sonroy was is likely to remain a mystery, unless by some faint chance a member of the Orchestra reads this and gets in touch.  The TBO also made records through custom recording concerns Grosvenor and Look Records. Distributed By Sonroy Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

73 Thurlstone Bell Orchestra It's Christmas With The Thurlstone Bell Orchestra SONROY DEROY 956

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