Independent Irish label: Solo Records was Another label launched by the Release Organisation in 1972. It did most of its business in that Northern Ireland, and copies of its records which surface in Britain are usually imports. During the period 1970-72 a selected number of Release issues were pressed and issued in the U.K..  'Sing Irishmen Sing' b/w 'On The One Road' by The Barley Corn was a Top 5 hit in Ireland in 1972, so a British release would seem to make commercial sense.  In addition the typeface used is similar to that used for 1972 singles on the British version of Release, which suggests that this single is related to those.  The Irish version of the single has the proper red-and-white label with its comparatively complex design, and also has 'Made in the Republic of Ireland' on it.  It's possible that these white-labelled copies were just contract pressings, made at a time when Irish presses couldn't cope and intended for export to Ireland, but an actual British issue seems more likely to me.  Manufacture was by Pye, who also pressed the U.K. 'Release' singles.   Presumably the change from 'Irishmen' (which is on the Irish copies) to 'Irishman' was a typo. Distributed By Shannon Distributors. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

72 Nita Norry Shanagolden SOLO SOLO 101
72 Pay Daly The Boys Of Barna Sraid / Men In Green SOLO SOLO 102
72 John Fahey Beal Na Mblath / Beside The Shannon Stream SOLO SOLO 103
72 Olive Bayle  Moll Malone  SOLO SOLO 104
72 Peter Keegan And Tudor Rosy SOLO SOLO 105
73 Brendan Grace Cushy Butterfield SOLO SOLO 106
73 Shay Healy The Shay Healy Light Relief Show SOLO SOLO 107
73 Michael Moran Co. Longford / Co. Offaly SOLO SOLO 108
73 Ruth Marlowe When He Wants A Woman / Someone To Love Me SOLO SOLO 109
73 Barleycorn Sing Irishman Sing SOLO SOLO 110
73 Tom & Pascal Show Tell Me A Story / Nail And A Hammer  SOLO SOLO 111
73 Ryan'S Daughters My Blue Tears / My Helping Hand  SOLO SOLO 112
73 Billy Mac & The Miami Thats A Woman  SOLO SOLO 113
73 Ryan'S Daughters My Mother'S Song / Que Sera Sera  SOLO SOLO 114
73 Peter Keegan And Tudor Happy Song SOLO SOLO 115
73 Duffie It'S Never Ending SOLO SOLO 116
73 Hugh Corr Since You Walked Out On Me / Can'T Get Used To Losing You SOLO SOLO 117
73 Barleycorn This Land Is Your Land SOLO SOLO 118
73 Sands Lonely Lady SOLO SOLO 119
73 Billy Mac My Dublin Bay / Help Me Make It Thro The Night  SOLO SOLO 120
73 Geri Kane Father / Amazing Grace SOLO SOLO 121
73 Brendan Grace Liberty Boy SOLO SOLO 122
73 Sands Annabelle SOLO SOLO 123
73 Not Traced SOLO SOLO 124
73 Dickie Rock Dickie Rock (Ep) SOLO SOLO 125
73 Not Traced SOLO SOLO 126
73 The Montyr Folk My Husband'S Flannel Shirt / Rosy Nail SOLO SOLO 127
73 Duffie Sha La-La Rock And Roll / Singing My Jug Band Song SOLO SOLO 128
73 Brendan Grace Paddy The Pedlar SOLO SOLO 129
74 Brendan Grace The Dublin Victory Song (The Boys In Blue) SOLO SOLO 130
74 Brendan Grace A Visit To Santa SOLO SOLO 131
74 Brendan Grace A Visit To Santa / Dracula'S Daughter  SOLO SOLO 132
74 Marie Morgan & The Pirates I Never Knew What That Song Meant Before  SOLO SOLO 133
74 Not Traced SOLO SOLO 134
74 Brendan Grace Delilah / Bottler At Me Sister'S Wedding SOLO SOLO 135
75 Nita Norry  Home To Mayo / Easily Persuaded SOLO SOLO 136
75 Marie Morgan & The Pirates Butterfly / Just Keep It Up SOLO SOLO 137
75 Dickie Rock  Whoever Finds This, I Love You / Your Spanish Ways  SOLO SOLO 138
75 Brendan Grace The Combine Harvester SOLO SOLO 139
76 Not Traced SOLO SOLO 140
76 Doc Carroll And His All Stars Old Man Trouble SOLO SOLO 141
76 Danny Doyle The Green Hills Of Kerry  SOLO SOLO 142
76 Danny Doyle Ben Holt / Children And Flowers SOLO SOLO 143
76 Brendan Grace Where Have They Gone / Bottler And The Gardai  SOLO SOLO 144
77 Frank Gill & New Blues Michoacan / Remember Me SOLO SOLO 145
77 Barleycorn 50 Miles / The Rocks Of Bawn   SOLO SOLO 146
77 Dickie Rock Back Home Again SOLO SOLO 147
77 Brendan Grace  When Benjy Wrapped His Tractor Round The Old Oak Tree  SOLO SOLO 148
77 Colm C.T. Wilkinson R And R SOLO SOLO 149
78 Des Smyth  Dublin Saunter / The Road Became A River SOLO SOLO 150
78 Dickie Rock  It'S Almost Like A Song / Now That My Love Has Gone  SOLO SOLO 151
78 Tony Kenny  On And On / Lady Anne SOLO SOLO 152
78 Dickie Rock  I'Ll Hide My Teardrops / Angel Eyes  SOLO SOLO 153
78 Not Traced SOLO SOLO 154
80 Brendan Grace Bottler'S Visit To Dallas SOLO SOLO 155

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