Solid Sender Record was a label of the Warrington Blues Society.  In 1975 the Society put out a couple of EPs featuring old American Blues recordings by various artists, which they numbered in the SEP-100s.  SEP-100, 'Houston Jump', featured six tracks by Goree Carter & His Hep Cats, James 'Widemouth' Brown, and Carl Campbell; SEP-101, 'West Side Chicago', offered six more tracks, this time by Arbee Stidham, Leon Tarver, Tommy Hodge and Little Papa Joe.  According to Wirz's 'American Music' site the label was founded and run by Bill Armstrong, Dave Clarke, Fred Goulding and Mike Wheeler Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

75 Goree Carter And His Hep Cats Houston Jump SOLID SENDER SEP 100
75 Arbee Stidham West Side Chicago SOLID SENDER SEP 101

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