Independent label: Solid Gold Records enjoyed a comparatively long life, running from 1976 to 1981, though there seems to have been a hiatus of some sort in the middle of that period - SGR-104 came out in 1977, SGR-105 in 1980.  It never threatened the Singles Chart, but it did produce one minor 'collectable': Shakin' Stevens's, 'Shaky Plays Elvis' EP (SGR-107).  Manufacture and distribution were by Pye in the first incarnation; it and its successor PRT handled distribution and was pressed by Damont.  The label looks brown on the scan, but it was in fact coloured gold.
Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

76 Stokesley Primary School Broken Heart Donkey SOLID GOLD SGR 101
77 Hank The Knife & Jets Crazy Cat SOLID GOLD SGR 102
77 Naughty Norman & Teasers Rock īNī Roll SOLID GOLD SGR 103
77 Pleasers You Know What I'M Thinking SOLID GOLD SGR 104
81 Brown Joe & Family Little Children SOLID GOLD SGR 105
81 Rodway Steve Say Goodbye To You SOLID GOLD SGR 106
81 Stevens Shakin Shaky Sings Elvis SOLID GOLD SGR 107
81 Happy People Love Potion No 9 SOLID GOLD SGR 108
81 Alien Video Game SOLID GOLD SGR 109
81 Hudson Paul Somebody Stole My Gal SOLID GOLD SGR 110
81 Starlite Gentle People SOLID GOLD SGR 111
81 Wells Phil Christmas Bells SOLID GOLD SGR 112
81 Barlett & Lamb Christmas Time Again SOLID GOLD SGR 113
81 Not Issued SOLID GOLD SGR 114
82 Man & Me Good Companion SOLID GOLD SGR 115
82 Not Issued SOLID GOLD SGR 116
82 Wells Phil Christmas Bells SOLID GOLD SGR 117

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