Independent label: Sol-Fa International Records seems to have been dedicated to Soul music, if the only record I've ever heard on that label is anything to go by - I thought it was going to be Reggae, by the look of it, but it wasn't.  There again, a second single, 'Get Involved', by G. Jackson, E. Williams & R. Moore (SAO-2; 1975) was listed under 'Reggae' on e-bay recently, so...  Given the rarity of Sol-Fa records one can be forgiven for wondering if the 'International' part of the name was merely wishful thinking. Distributed By Sol-Fa International Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

75 St John Thomas & Winson J Does It Have To Be This Way SOL-FA INTERNATIONAL SAO 1
75 G. Jackson, E. Williams & R. Moore  Get Involved SOL-FA INTERNATIONAL SAO 2

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