Independent label: Sol-Doon Records was a joint venture between producers Paddy Doolan, Roger Mealey and Peter Vernon-Kell, in association with manager / publicist Colin Slater.  It issued some twenty-five singles, in an SDR-022 numerical series, during 1975-77.  None of them were hits, and none are commonly met-with nowadays; Threshold's 'Friday On My Mind' (SDR-011; 8/76) seems to have been the best seller.  A look at its catalogue suggests that the label didn't focus on any particular kind of music.  Manufacture and distribution were by Pye; as a result Sol-Doons usually look wine-red when held up to the light.  Vernon-Kell launched his PVK label in December 1976, which suggests that he may have left Sol-Doon by that point. JS 1 'Scratch Jingle Single - Blend Energy Series' was a Radio jingles single, five per side. Track List A1: Summer Sun, Golden Music A2: Music Matters A3: This Is A Hit Breaker A4: Non Stop Music A5: Super Solid Gold B1: Taking You Back To The Golden Past B2: Soul Sound Sensation B3: Disco Dynamite B4: Crash Out This Summer B5: Lay Back Right Now. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 No Artist Listed Scratch Jingle Single - Blend Energy Series SOL-DOON JS 001
76 P.V.K Shoot Out SOL-DOON SDR 001
76 Edgar Bacon Someone SOL-DOON SDR 002
76 James-Brown Straighten Up & Fly Right SOL-DOON SDR 003
76 Edgar Bacon John H. Stracey SOL-DOON SDR 004
76 Barney James All The Prizes Taken SOL-DOON SDR 005
76 Separation Don'T Hurt Me So SOL-DOON SDR 006
76 Sam Leno Experience SOL-DOON SDR 007
76 Rednik 'Gypsy' Smith Hawaii Way SOL-DOON SDR 008
76 Dell Austen Widor'S Toccata SOL-DOON SDR 009
76 Ted Rogers Beware Mr Shark SOL-DOON SDR 010
76 Threshold Fridays On My Mind SOL-DOON SDR 011
76 Nuts & Bolts Tent In Araby SOL-DOON SDR 012
76 Brother Kip Super Day Day SOL-DOON SDR 013
76 Roy Phillips Spanish Sun SOL-DOON SDR 014
76 John Boulter Velvet Bell SOL-DOON SDR 015
76 Martel Robinson Mr Big Shot SOL-DOON SDR 016
76 Pikestaff They Died At Wounded Knee SOL-DOON SDR 017
76 Buddies Love Is Coming SOL-DOON SDR 018
76 Bambi Lady Of Lies SOL-DOON SDR 019
76 Sally Anne Lloyd Friends Of Mine SOL-DOON SDR 020
76 Don Mackay's Nerves Wild Western Hero SOL-DOON SDR 021
76 Magic  My Little Girl SOL-DOON SDR 022
76 Brother Kip Disco Dan SOL-DOON SDR 023
76 Charlie Drake Superpunk SOL-DOON SDR 024
76 Chris Keys Nevada  SOL-DOON SDR 025
76 Lloyd Ryan'S Express Kendo'S Theme  SOL-DOON PVK 001
76 Uncle Tone & His Magic Sax Sleigh Ride  SOL-DOON PVK 002

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