Independent label from the Punk / New Wave years: Soho Records was run from the Rocks Off record shop, in Soho market.  It issued eight singles, in 1978-79, in an SH-0 numerical series, the first of them having a separate number for both sides.  Collectors tend to focus on the records by the Nipple Erectors / Nips, but it was R&B band The Inmates and Rockabilly group The Jets which went on to enjoy a long life and a certain amount of Chart success, albeit with other companies.  The Nips' frontman Shane McGowan had to join a different band, The Pogues, before finding success.  Pressing generally seems to have been by Lyntone.  The last two releases had the company logo on one side and all the credits on the other. Distributed By Soho Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 Nipple Erectors King Of The Bop SOHO SH 1/2
79 Jets James Dean SOHO SH 3
79 Nips All The Time In The World SOHO SH 4
79 Passions Needles And Pins SOHO SH 5
79 Jets Sleep Rock 'N' Roll SOHO SH 6
79 Inmates Dirty Water SOHO SH 7
79 Teeth Say Hello Suzy SOHO SH 8
79 Nips Gabrielle SOHO SH 9

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