Independent label: Snow Records was an obscure subsidiary of the collectable Deroy label. Snow issued at least two records, Taboo's 'Loopy Pooof...' (ADM-760; 1972) and a version of the old Monkees' song '(I'm Not) Your Stepping Stone' by Outer Limits.  The numbers CE/74 and DEROY-1049 appear on the label of the latter, the 'press-out' markings are printed.  The DEROY and ADM prefixes indicate that DEROY was responsible for the recording; the '74' may be an indication of the year of issue, as DEROY-880 came out in 1972.  Both singles command large sums of money, the Outer Limits one reputedly being a 'mega rare psych monster'; so if you see either in a car boot sale, grab it. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

74 Outer Limits (I'm Not Your) Stepping Stone SNOW DEROY 1049
72 Taboo Loopy Pooof SNOW ADM 760

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