Independent label from the Punk / New Wave era: Smirksong Records was owned by New Wave band The Smirks. Smirksong as a label name was a parody of Led Zeppelin's Swan Song Records, while the DHSS prefix to their own label's release suggested the Government department dealing with the unemployed, as the band no longer had a contract. after making a couple of singles for the Berserkley label, 'O.K. U.K.' (BZZ-17; 6/78) and 'Rosemary' (BZZ-23; 1978) they fell out with that company and apparently decided to paddle their own canoe, as it were.  The results were a couple of singles, 'Angry With Myself' (DHSS-01), and To You' (DHSS-02), both of which came out in 1979 and were licensed to Virgin. The Smirks were an English new wave band from Manchester who played from the late 1970s to the early 1980s. Although they failed to meet with commercial success, they built a small but loyal base of fans. The Smirks were: Simon Milner - lead vocal and guitar. Neil Fitzpatrick - lead guitar and vocals. Ian Morris - bass and backing vocals. Mike Doherty - drums. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Smirks Angry With Myself SMIRKSONGS DHSS 1
79 Smirks To You SMIRKSONGS DHSS 2

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