Independent label: Smile Records was the second Smile label of the 1970s and belonged to Steve Foley's 'Smile Studios', of Manchester.  It made records from the mid '70s into the early '80s and appears to have operated basically as a custom recording concern, though in the latter decade several of its singles had proper distribution, via Spartan, and were presumably bona fide releases rather than a DIY efforts.  Its products covered the spectrum of music from Folk (by the Bag O' Rags Folk Group) to Christian Rock (by 100% Proof); in other words the kind of varied fare that might be expected from a custom recording label.  Albums, EPs and singles alike were given numbers in an SR-000 series, which was sometimes rendered SRO-00.  They appeared from 1977 to 1982, and catalogue numbers suggest that there were at least thirty-nine of them.  SR-011 and SR-012 had paper labels, the latter being black-on-red.  From SR-013 onwards the singles were pressed in France and had injection moulded labels; they came in at least three different colours (silver, blue and gold) and exhibited some differences in design. See also 'Willows'. Distributed By Smile Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

76 Krack Of Dorn Love Hurts SMILE SR 001
76 Vic Baulton I Need You Now SMILE SR 002
76 Ashton-On-Mersey School Band Ashton-On-Mersey Phantisick Finominall Treemandus Nice Band ‎(Album) SMILE SR 003
76 Mike Canavan Some Songs ‎(Album)  SMILE SR 004
77 Bruce Thompson Welcome ‎(Album) SMILE SR 005
77 Vince Williams  Easy On You ‎(Album) SMILE SR 006
77 F.Y.C Get It On ‎(Album) SMILE SR 007
78 Satin Brass Disco Bouzouki  SMILE SR 008
79 Harmony Street Unity ‎(Album) SMILE SR 009
79 Pipe Dream Pipe Dream (Album) SMILE SR 010
79 The Law Be My Girl  SMILE SR 011
79 Dick Smith Band Motorway Madness SMILE SR 012
79 Bag O' Rags Gondola SMILE SR 013
79 Royal Exchange Theatre Music From The Cherry Orchard SMILE SR 014
79 Pepperbox Lying Eyes SMILE SR 015
79 Ricky Dene Summers Ricky SMILE SR 016
79 Not Traced SMILE SR 017
79 The Relatives (6) As A Child  SMILE SR 018
79 Not Traced SMILE SR 019
79 100% Proof New Way Of Livin' SMILE SR 020
80 Fab Food Never Alone SMILE SR 021
80 Jeremy Lo Monologue SMILE SR 022
80 Harvest Moon Lion And Snake SMILE SR 023
80 Not Traced SMILE SR 024
80 Civvy Street  On The Road (Album) SMILE SR 025
80 Prendergast Kevin  Let'S Go Back To County Mayo SMILE SR 026
81 Not Traced SMILE SR 027
81 Williams Vince & Bdo 180 SMILE SR 028
81 Not Traced SMILE SR 029
81 Gannon Mick Lady Diana SMILE SR 030
81 Sweet Chariot C'Mon The Blues SMILE SR 031
81 Not Traced SMILE SR 032
81 Hawkins Buzz Dancer SMILE SR 033
81 Ramblers A Plain & Simple Life SMILE SR 034
81 Fv'S Mr Tamourine Man SMILE SR 035
82 Therapy Stay By Me SMILE SR 036
82 Not Traced SMILE SR 037
82 Not Traced SMILE SR 038
83 Klive James Salford SMILE SR 039

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