Independent Reggae label: Smash Records was part of the Trojan group. Smash started off mainly as a vehicle for Bunny Lee productions.  During the four years of its existence (1970-73) it put out more than 30 singles, which were numbered in an SMA-2300 catalogue series - a few of the numbers were not used.  Manufacture of Trojan's records was generally by Orlake at during that period, with EMI handling the potential big sellers; it seems likely that Smashes were all Orlake products.  If you have some yourself, look for the plus signs separating the parts of the matrix numbers on the run-off.  In addition the 'narrow smooth outer rim and rough inner surface' appearance of the labels, which can is often found on Orlake singles.  Distribution was by Trojan themselves. Smash Records Former address: Trojan / B&C Recordings Ltd 326 Kensall Road, London W10 5 BL. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

70 Maxine My Boy Lollipop SMASH SMA 2301
70 Aggrovators  Big Red Ball SMASH SMA 2302
70 Holt John  My Heart Is Gone  SMASH SMA 2303
70 Niney All Star  Skankey SMASH SMA 2304
70 Lee Bunny All Stars  In Reach SMASH SMA 2305
70 Holt John  I Had A Talk With My Woman  SMASH SMA 2306
70 Gentles Bill  Stop Them SMASH SMA 2307
70 Not Issued SMASH SMA 2308
70 Not Issued SMASH SMA 2309
70 Not Issued SMASH SMA 2310
70 Hudson Keith  Don't Get Me Confused  SMASH SMA 2311
70 Aggrovators One More Bottle Of Beer SMASH SMA 2312
70 Barnes Jeff  Wake The Nation SMASH SMA 2313
70 Barker Dave & Bobby James  You Said SMASH SMA 2314
70 Barnes Jeff  Sweet Like Candy  SMASH SMA 2315
70 Not Issued SMASH SMA 2316
71 Wilson Delroy  I Am Trying SMASH SMA 2317
70 Wilson Delroy  Satisfaction SMASH SMA 2318
71 Ellis Alton  A Little Loving SMASH SMA 2319
71 Ellis Alton  I'll Be There SMASH SMA 2320
71 Sterling Lester & Sir Collins All Stars  Sir Collins Special  SMASH SMA 2321
71 Webber Merlene  Hard Life  SMASH SMA 2322
71 Wilson Delroy  What It Was  SMASH SMA 2323
71 Holt John  Mother And Father Love  SMASH SMA 2324
72 Ace Charlie  Need No Whip SMASH SMA 2325
72 Hudson Keith  Light Of Day SMASH SMA 2526
72 Brown Dennis  Concentration SMASH SMA 2527
73 Heptones Soul Sister  SMASH SMA 2528
73 Holt John  Don't Break Your Promise  SMASH SMA 2529
73 Gaytones Black Man Kingdom Come  SMASH SMA 2530
73 Herman Bongo & Bingy Bunny  Ration SMASH SMA 2531
73 Lee Mickey  Hello My Little Queen  SMASH SMA 2532
73 Simone Sugar  Rock And Cry  SMASH SMA 2533
73 Vellfield How You Gonna Get Control  SMASH SMA 2534
73 You & I I'm Just A Rover // Version SMASH SMA 2535
73 Wilson Delroy  Trying To Wreck My Life  SMASH SMA 2536
73 I Roy  Magnificent Seven  SMASH SMA 2537
73 I Roy  Rose Of Sheron  SMASH SMA 2538
73 Morgan Derrick  Never Give Up  SMASH SMA 2539

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