Independent label from Coventry: SMA Records was - Stavely Makepeace Associates and was owned by Rob Woodward and Nigel Fletcher, the driving forces behind both Stavely Makepeace and Lieutenant Pigeon.  It seems to have issued just two singles, one by each of those groups, with a five-year gap between them.  Pigeon's, 'Disco Bells' (SMA-1501) came out in April 1978, through Lugton; SMA-1502, Makepeace's, 'Just Tell Her Fred Said Goodbye' appeared in November of 1983, with a different label design and a different distributor, Spartan - though I thought that I can remember seeing a badly scratched copy of it on the old-style label.  SMA resurfaced in 2003, when Woodward & Fletcher released a series of new Lieutenant Pigeon CD singles. Lieutenant Pigeon are an English novelty musical group popular in the early 1970s, originating from Coventry. A spin-off from an experimental music band Stavely Makepeace, the group was fronted by Rob Woodward and managed by him and drummer Nigel Fletcher. Other members included bassist Stephen Johnson. The group's sound was dominated by a heavy honky-tonk-style piano played by Woodward's mother, Hilda. Lieutenant Pigeon achieved two UK hits: "Mouldy Old Dough", written by Woodward with bandmate Fletcher, which reached number one in 1972, followed by "Desperate Dan" (number 17 in 1973). Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 Lieutenant Pigeon Disco Bells SMA SMA 1501
83 Steve Makepiece  Just Tell Her Fred Said Goodbye SMA  SMA  1502

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