Independent Reggae label: Slate Records was owned by George Brightly. Slate appears to have been intended primarily (solely?) as an outlet for records by the group Black Slate - band member Anthony Brightly was George's son.  Its records were marketed by Faith Records and distributed by Mojo.  Slate started out in 1976, issung singles in a KG-000 series; KG-001 was issued on the King George label, which accounts for the rather inappropriate prefix. The highest number traced is KG-008, Black Slate's 12" single 'Live Up To Love', which came out in 1978, but several numbers are so far unaccounted-for and appear not to have been used. Distributed By Mojo Records. Black Slate are a reggae band based in the United Kingdom, and formed in 1974. They toured heavily around London and backed Jamaican musicians such as Dennis Brown, Delroy Wilson, and Ken Boothe when they played in the UK. They toured the UK in their own right for the first time in 1978, and released four albums between 1979 and 1985. Black Slate was: Keith Drummond, Vocals and Percussion Chris Hansen, Lead Guitar Desmond Mahoney, Drums Cledwyn Rogers, Rhythm Guitar Anthony Brightly, Keyboards Ras Elroy Baley, Bass and Percussion. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

76 Black Slate Mixed Up Man KING GEORGE KG 001
76 Not Traced SLATE KG 002
76 Black Slate  Piano Twist  SLATE KG 003
76 Black Slate  Sticks Man  SLATE KG 004
76 Not Traced SLATE KG 005
76 Not Traced SLATE KG 006
76 Not Traced SLATE KG 007
78 Black Slate Live Up To Love ‎(12") SLATE KG 008

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