Slammer Records was a DIY label. It appears to have only released two records, both by NWOBHM band Sledgehammer.  The first was, 'Sledgehammer' (SRTS/79/CUS/395; 1979), the second, 'Living In Dreams' (CELL-2; 1980).  Pressing of the first single was by SRT, as the number indicates.  Sledgehammer went on to record for several other labels befor splitting up in the late '80s. Distributed By Slammer Records. Sledgehammer was a UK band reportedly based in Slough and Huntingdon formed in 1978 and associated with the new wave of british heavy metal movement. The band are best known for their 1979 and 80 singles sledgehammer and living in dreams. Their sole full length album, released in 1983, was titled blood on their hands. Sledgehammer consisted of: Mike Cooke - guitar/vocals, John Hennessy - guitar (Driveshaft, Ore), Killer Clint - bass, Ken Revell - drums. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Sledgehammer  Sledgehammer  SLAMMER SRTS/79/CUS/395
80 Sledgehammer Living In Dreams / Fantasia SLAMMER CELL 2
88 Sledgehammer (We Don't Like) Porno Peat ?(7", Single) SAMBEC MUSIC MRSB 1
89 Sledgehammer In The Middle Of The Night SLAMMER MRSB 2
89 Sledgehammer A Kind Of Madness SLAMMER MRSB 3

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