Independent label: Sky Records was owned by Peter Walsh and was one of the many small companies whose products were marketed by President Records. A glance at the discography suggests that Sky was a fairly middle-of-the-road Pop Music label, though the involvement of the noted songwriter / producer Tony Hatch on the single illustrated above is interesting, as is the presence on the catalogue of hitmakers The Marmalade, The Nashville Teens, 53rd & 3rd and Clive Dunn. Distributed By President Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

76 Tina King You're My Honey SKY SKY 1000
76 Captain Billy'S Dream Machine Konk A Donk SKY SKY 1001
76 Frankie Gee Be My Baby SKY SKY 1002
76 Not Traced SKY SKY 1003
76 Bumble Bee Unlimited Love Bug SKY SKY 1004
76 Not Traced SKY SKY 1005
76 Lesley Ash Just A Story SKY SKY 1006
77 Nashville Teens Tobacco Road SKY SKY 1007
77 53 & 3Rd Roly SKY SKY 1008
77 Gigi Are You Ready To Love Me SKY SKY 1009
78 Marmalade Heavens Above SKY SKY 1010
78 Clive Dunn Thinking Of You This Christmas SKY SKY 1011

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