Sky Records was a DIY label. This is the first Sky label of the 1970s and appears to have been a one-off affair; of Jimmy Pasha & the Hi-Shots' 'Dance To The Rock 'N' Roll', which is pictured.  The single was issued in 1974 and had a catalogue number of SKY-1000.  As far as the music on it goes, it has a Glam Rock-ish 'A' side and a more soulful 'B'.  The second Sky label of the decade, which came on the scene two years after this one, also chose to number its singles in a SKY-1000 series; which is a very minor coincidence. Distributed By Sky Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

74 Jimmy Pasha And The Hi-Shots Dance To The Rock 'N' Roll SKY SKY 1000

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