Independent label from the Punk / New Wave years: Skeleton Records was run by John Weaver, the owner of a record shop of that name in Birkenhead.  The label ran from 1978-81, and issued at least seven singles, in an SKL-000 numerical series, and two albums.  Its first release was, 'Strange Thoughts', by the Stopouts (SKL-001; 12/78); its second was a Various Artists EP entitled 'The Blank Tapes - Volume 1" (SKL-002; 1979); both were pressed by Lyntone, the matrix numbers being LYN-5913 and LYN-7603 respectively.  The remainder of the issues were released in the '80s. The 1978/9 releases had paper labels with all the information on the 'A' side and a picture on the 'B'; the two from the '80s were pressed in France and had red injection-moulded labels.  At least some of these records were distributed by Pinnacle and / or Rough Trade.  The shop was still going (2010), apparently. Skeleton Records Former Address: 46 Argyle Street Birkenhead, Merseyside CH41 6AF. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 Stopouts Strange Thoughts SKELETON SKL 001
78 Blank Tapes Volume 1  SKELETON SKL 002
78 Attempted Moustache Superman SKELETON SKL 003
80 Headquarters New York Runaround SKELETON SKL 004
80 Not Traced SKELETON SKL 005
80 Zorkie Twins & Others Mr. Simpson SKELETON SKL 006
80 The Relations  Summer Romance SKELETON SKL 007
81 Windows Re-Arrange SKELETON SKL 008
82 This Final Frame This Final Frame SKELETON SKL 009

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