Independent Reggae label: Skank Records of 1970s was one of a brief flowering number of small independent Reggae labels, the majority of which bloomed and faded unnoticed by anybody who wasn't a Reggae lover.  Skank would appear to have been one of those labels.  If catalogue numbers are a guide, it issued at least three singles in or around 1975, using numbers in a BM-00 series; V. Brown's 'Inflation' (BM-03; 1975), the other two may not exist. The owner of the label was Valentine Brown, who co-owned the 'Saucy Boy' label. Distributed By Skank Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

75 Not Issued SKANK BH 01
75 Not Issued SKANK BH 02
75 V Brown Inflation SKANK BH 03

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