Independent label: Sirius Records appears to have been the 'house' label of custom recording concern Eclipse Studios, of Redcar.  As such it was responsible for a number of records by local talent, including a number of Country & Western bands.  Numbering was generally in an SP-500 series, though at least one record was numbered in the PX-1000 series used by CJMO (through which that item was presumably made), and issues seem to be from the period 1976-81.  As can be seen from the scans a variety of labels was used, but the designs were always basic. SP-522 came out on the 'Rubber Conncetion' label. Distributed By Sirius Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

76 Billy Hygate  Live (Album) SIRIUS SP 501
76 Billy Hygate Giving It Plenty (Album) SIRIUS SP 502
76 Not Traced SIRIUS SP 503
76 Not Traced SIRIUS SP 504
76 Not Traced SIRIUS SP 505
76 Not Traced SIRIUS SP 506
76 Not Traced SIRIUS SP 507
76 Not Traced SIRIUS SP 508
76 Not Traced SIRIUS SP 509
77 Ray Dales Fine Band Willie'S Reggae SIRIUS SP 510
77 Betty Sacree Birth Of The Blues SIRIUS SP 511
77 Johnny Larkin And Live Country Wild Side Of Life SIRIUS SP 512
78 Jeff Briggs  A Stranger'S Just A Friend SIRIUS SP 513
78 Glen Courtney Love Is All SIRIUS SP 514
78 Not Traced SIRIUS SP 515
78 Carl Green And The Scene Record Not Found  SIRIUS SP 516
78 Two Aglow  Good Morning Freedom SIRIUS SP 517
78 Billy Hygate Total Eclipse (Album) SIRIUS SP 518
78 Fourum Fourum (Album) SIRIUS SP 519
79 Kris Byrd Introducing Kris Byrd SIRIUS SP 520
79 Gibsons Gypsy Woman SIRIUS SP 521
79 Vultures Time Let'S Go RUBBER CONNECTION SP 522
79 Bookends I Wish  SIRIUS SP 523
80 Not Traced SIRIUS SP 524
81 Billy Hygate The Entertainer SIRIUS SP 525
77 Paul Wheater The Navigator (Captain Cook) SIRIUS PX 1084

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