Independent label: SÓr Records was a Welsh Record label. It managed at least one single. Ann Coates sings 'Aderyn Eira' and three other tracks. The EP was issued in 1976 and had a catalogue number of SR-3005.  The SR-3000 numbers were shared by 7" and 12" records alike.  The Internet has only brought four more SÓr records to light, and they were all albums: the Llanddulas Male Voice Choir's were responsible for an LP of the same name (SR-3002; 1975) and followed it up with 'Volume 2' (SR-3004; 1976?), while the others were 'Gyda'r Delyn' by Triawd Tanat (SR-3007; 1977) and 'On Song' by the Rolls Royce Motors Male Voice Choir (SR-3008; 1978).  The last was made through Westwood Records, of Montgomery.  Several numbers are unaccounted-for at the moment, and here may well be a few more SÓrs out there.  The company was obviously Welsh - 'sÓr' is Welsh for 'county'; I would guess that the pronunciation is the same as the English 'shire' - it was presumably a custom recording affair with links to Westwood, or perhaps a small independent company.  Ann Coates also released two albums on the Westwood label, 'That Star Belongs To Me' (WRS-081; 1975) and 'Please Don't Cut The Roses' (1978). Distributed By Sir Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

75 Not Traced SIR SR 3001
75 Llanddulas Male Voice Choi Llanddulas Male Voice Choir (Album) SIR SR 3002
75 Not Traced SIR SR 3003
76 Llanddulas Male Voice Choir Llanddulas Male Voice Choir (Album) SIR SR 3004
76 Ann Coates Aderyn Eira SIR SR 3005
76 Not Traced SIR SR 3006
77 Triawd Tanat Gyda'r Delyn(Album) SIR SR 3007
78 Rolls Royce Motors Male Voice Choir On Song(Album) SIR SR 3008

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