Independent Reggae label: Sir Jessus Records was owned by Maurice Wellington (a.k.a. 'Sir Jessus'), a record shop owner / sound system man from Shepherds Bush.  Sir Jessus singles came in three different label designs.   The company appears to have issued records during two separate periods: the first was from in 1975, when numbers were in a JES-0 series; the second, with JI-000 numbering, was from 1976 to 1977. The label did not survive past 1977.  Numbers JI-007 and JI-008 seem not to have been used.  The first single shown was in an orange sleeve. Distributed By Sir Jessus Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

75 Mor-Wells  Bit By Bit  SIR JESSUS  JES 1
75 Mor-Wells  Swing & Dine  SIR JESSUS  JES 2
75 Mor-Wells  Don Morwell  SIR JESSUS  JES 3
75 Mor-Wells  Come On Little Girl SIR JESSUS  JES 4
75 Ellis Hortense  With All My Heart SIR JESSUS  JES 5
76 Junior Byles / Jessus Experience Know Where You're Going / Going To Zion JESSUS  JI 006
76 Not Traced JESSUS  JI 007
76 Not Traced JESSUS  JI 008
76 Morwell Esquire Proverb JESSUS  JI 009
75 Uprising Maytone Unchangeable Love  SIR JESSUS  JES 3
74 The Morwell Esquire Can't Get Enough Of Your Love SIR JESSUS  SIR J  7689

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