Independent Reggae label dating from 1973. Sir Christopher Records was the name of a Sound System from Wolverhampton.  It was also a record shop in the '70s, and it diversified by putting out three singles on its own record label.  They shared a numerical series with singles on the Lord Koos label, which was responsible for marketing them, though the numbers KOO-023 and KOO-024 were also used for different singles on Lord Koos.  Distributed By Lord Koos Records. 7 Fortunegate Road, Harlesden, London NW10.Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

74 Cornell Campbell Yes LORD KOOS  BL 001
74 Cornell Campbell / Dennis Brown You'll Be There / Stick By Me LORD KOOS  BL 002
74 John Holt I've Been Admiring You / My Pride And Joy LORD KOOS  BL 003
74 John Holt Don't Give Up The Fight / Tell Me Why LORD KOOS  BL 004
73 Koos All Stars  Koos In Full Swing  LORD KOOS  KOO 005
73 Brown Dennis  Perhaps  LORD KOOS  KOO 006
73 Richards Cynthia Sentimental Reason  LORD KOOS  KOO 007
73 Koos All Stars  Cherry Pie  LORD KOOS  KOO 008
73 Brown Herbert Something On Your Mind  LORD KOOS  KOO 009
73 Heptones  Love Won'T Come Easy  LORD KOOS  KOO 010
73 Shaka Wilson  Truth LORD KOOS  KOO 011
73 Africans  Have A Grand Time  LORD KOOS  KOO 012
73 Koos All Stars / New Generation Koos In Full Swing / Piano Of Ben LORD KOOS  KOO 013
73 Starlites  You Are A Wanted Man LORD KOOS  KOO 014
73 Ellis Hortense  Bye Bye Baby LORD KOOS  KOO 015
73 Tommy McCook & Jimmy Ellis The New President  LORD KOOS  KOO 016
73 Carl Dawkins Tell Me Why LORD KOOS  KOO 17
73 Dawkins Carl  I'D Rather Go Blind  LORD KOOS  KOO 18
73 Alton Ellis It's Two Late To Turn Back Now LORD KOOS  KOO 19
73 Not Traced LORD KOOS  KOO 020
73 Ellis Alton & Dennis Alcapone Big Bad Boy Version  LORD KOOS  KOO 021
73 D. Washington  Papa Was A Rolling Stone  SIR CHRISTOPHER  KOO 022
73 Big Joe  Quattie Buy Trouble  SIR CHRISTOPHER  KOO 023
73 Dellinger  Cocky Bully  SIR CHRISTOPHER  KOO 024
73 V. Roy & D. Wilson Call On I. / D. J. Special  LORD KOOS  KOO 25
73 Delroy Wilson / Lester Sterling Closer Together / Everybody Needs Love LORD KOOS  KOO 26
73 Delroy Wilson Mash Up Illiteracy LORD KOOS  KOO 27
73 Delroy Wilson / Gregory Isaac Mash Up Illiteracy / Baby I Need Your Loving LORD KOOS  KOO 28
74 Delroy Wilson / Cornell Campbell Have Some Mercy / Yes LORD KOOS  KOO 29
74 The Unchangeable Maytones* The Girl I Want LORD KOOS  KOO 30
74 James Brown Leaving On The Train  LORD KOOS  KOO 31
74 Dell Roy Wilson It's A Shame  LORD KOOS  KOO 32
74 Carlton & Leroy / King Tubbys Not Responsible / Psalms Of Dub LORD KOOS  KOO 33
74 John Holt / Augustus Pablo My Desire / Pablo's Desire LORD KOOS  KOO 34
74 Alton Ellis Alphabetically Yours LORD KOOS  KOO 35
74 Keith Poppin, Bruce Lee Before The Next Teardrop Fall LORD KOOS  KOO 36
74 Derrick Morgan A No Duppy LORD KOOS  KOO 37
74 Cornell Campbell Gun Court Law  LORD KOOS  KOO 38
74 C. Campbell Headin' For The Mountain LORD KOOS  KOO 39
74 Not Traced LORD KOOS  KOO 40
74 King Tubby / Lorry Marshall Watergate Rock / I Admire You  LORD KOOS  KOO 41
74 Jonnie Clark / King Tubby &  Aggrevators Enter Into This Gate With Praise / This Is The Hardest Version LORD KOOS  KOO 42
75 Not Traced LORD KOOS  KOO 43
75 D. Morgan & H. Ellis / King Tubbys & Aggravators Shirley Come Back To Me / A Good Version LORD KOOS  KOO 44
75 Delroy Wilson Call On Me LORD KOOS  KOO 45
75 D. Morgan & H. Ellis I Am Gone  LORD KOOS  KOO 46
75 Johnny Clarke If You Should Lose Me LORD KOOS  KOO 47
75 Delroy Alphanso / Lloydie Slim &  Aggravators Magic Moment / Magic Dub LORD KOOS  KOO 48
75 The Maytones Please Let Me Go LORD KOOS  KOO 49

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