Independent Reggae label: Sioux Records was owned by songwriter/engineer/producer Jack Price; it had mainstream marketing and distribution, through President, and it released some twenty-five singles in 1971-73.  Numbering was in an SI-000 series.   The singles were pressed by British Homphone. Sioux was relaunched by Price in 1996, making the original material available to the CD generation. Distributed By President Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

71 Exodus  Pharaoh's Walk  SIOUX ST 001
72 Jones Sammy  Mendocino  SIOUX ST 002
72 Twinkle Bros  The Happy Song  SIOUX ST 003
72 Montego Melon  Swan Lake  SIOUX ST 004
72 Higgs Joe  The World Is Spinning Around  SIOUX ST 005
72 African  Cock Mouth Kill Cock  SIOUX ST 006
72 T. Man And T. Bones  True Born African  SIOUX ST 007
72 Dixon Jeff (The Roc) Superbad  SIOUX ST 008
72 Dillon Phyllis  In The Ghetto  SIOUX ST 009
72 Lloyd The Matador And The Ethiopians  The Train  SIOUX ST 010
72 Jones Sammy  You Are My Girl  SIOUX ST 011
72 Martel Ray  She Caught The Train  SIOUX ST 012
72 Jackson Pooch  You Just Gotta Get Ready  SIOUX ST 013
72 Higgs Joe  Wave Of War  SIOUX ST 014
72 Rowland Jackie   Indian Reservation SIOUX ST 015
72 Jackson Pooch  Once Bitten  SIOUX ST 016
72 Wireless Django  Play To Stay  SIOUX ST 017
72 Funky Brown  African People  SIOUX ST 018
72 Jumbo Sterlings All Stars  Hot Dog  SIOUX ST 019
72 Andy Bob  Everyday People  SIOUX ST 020
72 Higgs Joe  Lay A Foundation SIOUX ST 021
72 Mansano  Joe Trial Of Pama Dice  SIOUX ST 022
72 Junior Smith  I Don't Know  SIOUX ST 023
72 U Roy Junior  The Wedding  SIOUX ST 024
72 Roosevelt Singers  Heavy Reggae  SIOUX ST 025

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