Silver Records was a DIY Reggae label. It managed one single. 'Baby Oh Yeah' by Silver & The Fiery Boys Steel Band (SM-1; 1973). The 'B' side was listed as being by Silver & The Magnets; that band had previously had singles out on Jolly ('Baby Oh Yeah'; JY-006) in 1968 and Fab ('A Change Got To Come'; FAB-163) in 1971.  Presumably the 1973 version of 'Baby' was a remake of the 1968 version.  SM-2, 'Beautiful Place' by Silver with the Magnets, came out on the Fiery label Records. Distributed By Silver Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

73 Silver & The Fiery Boys Steel Band Baby Oh Yeah SILVER SM 1
74 Silver with the Magnets Beautiful Place FIERY SM 2

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