Independent Irish Traditional music label: Silver Hill Records was owned by musician Finbar Dwyer.  It issued a handful of records in 1974 to 1976, of which five were seven-inchers.  The first two of those were six-track EPs in a 'Traditional Music of Ireland' series, while the others were singles: 'Maureen' b/w 'Home Boys Home' by Birmingham-based band Drowsy Maggie (PSH-105; 1976), Terry McCann's 'It's Over Now' b/w 'Danny Boy' (PSH-107; 1976), and 'Once Bitten' b/w 'I Wanna Go Back Home' by Honey & The Heartbeats (PSH-109; 1976).  LPs, EPs and singles shared a PSH-100 catalogue series, though the number SHR-002 pressed in the run-off of the Drowsy Maggie single suggests that perhaps at some point the 7" records were intended to have their own series. Drowsy Maggie made records for several other labels, including Cottage, and are still in existence. Distributed By Silver Hill Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

74 John Whelan, Christine Considine And Kevin Taylor Traditional Music Of Ireland SILVER HILL PSH 101
76 Michael Dwyer Ep Of Traditional Tunes SILVER HILL PSH 102
76 Pat Mcnulty  Pat Mcnulty (Album) SILVER HILL PSH 103
76 Troubadors Ned O' The Hill (Album) SILVER HILL PSH 104
76 Drowsy Maggie Maureen SILVER HILL PSH 105
76 Finbarr Dwyer  Star of Ireland (Album) SILVER HILL PSH 106
76 Terry McCann It's Over Now SILVER HILL PSH 107
76 Seamus Tansey King Of The Concert Flute (Album) SILVER HILL PSH 108
76 Honey And The Heartbeats Once Bitten SILVER HILL PSH 109

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