Shooting Star Records was a DIY label. There appear to have been two Shooting Star labels during the period 1979-80, which seems a bit of a coincidence: I suppose they may have been connected. This one used an SSR-0 numbering series as opposed to the 'SHOOT-0' of the other, and was responsible for a pair of singles by The Rest: 'Carnival' (SSR-1; 1979) and 'My House' (SSR-2; 1980).  The producer of 'Carnival', Laurence Diana, worked at Advision Studios as an engineer and went on to produce records by Modern Eon among others.  The Rest's records have been described as 'Rock' and 'Post-Punk'. Distributed By Shooting Star Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Rest Carnival SHOOTING STAR SSR 1
80 Rest My House SHOOTING STAR SSR 2

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