Independent label from the Punk era: Shoestring Records Shoestring operated intially from Birmingham, later based in London and was run by Colin Hall and Eddie Blower.  It issued at least five singles, Dansette Damage's, 'The Only Sound' (LACE-001; 1978), and The Sussed's, 'I Like You' (LACE-002; 1979). Distributed By Shoestring Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 Dansette Damage The Only Sound SHOESTRING LACE 001
78 Sussed I Like You SHOESTRING LACE 002
85 Not Traced SHOESTRING LACE 003
85 Private Party It Tears Me Uo SHOESTRING LACE 004
85 Goats Don'T Shave A Rumour SHOESTRING LACE 005

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