Independent label: Shoc Wave Records label was started in Easton Bristol by Gene Walsh in 1979. The objective was to create a true Independent Record label for the Bristol area and not genre specific. The first signing was Joshua Moses and the first release was Independence Fever, a calypso release to celebrate the Independence of Dominica. The Label Manager was Melford Gardener who currently runs the Black Swan on Stapleton Road in Easton and the original offices were in St. Andrews, Bristol. The label had massive expansion plans with dreams of offices on St Marks Road which would incorporate Recording Studios, Rehersal Rooms, Offices and Post Production suites. Unfortunately the capital could not be raised from the share holders and the label stopped trading in the later 1990s. Catalogue numbers for 7" records were in the SRP-0000s, and they reached at least SRP-0020. Distributed By UNI-TONE Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Dominica  Independence Fever SHOCK WAVE SRP 0001
80 Moses Joshua Pretty Girl (12") SHOCK WAVE SRP 0002
80 Unitone M.R Guy  SHOCK WAVE SRP 0003
80 Marrett Bunny Times Are Getting Hard (12") SHOCK WAVE SRP 0004
80 Not Traced   SHOCK WAVE SRP 0005
80 No Deposit Mountain Like SHOCK WAVE SRP 0006
80 Rimshots I Was Wrong SHOCK WAVE SRP 0007
80 Not Traced SHOCK WAVE SRP 08
80 Not Traced SHOCK WAVE SRP 09
82 Durrant Buggs Gonna Make Your Baby (12") SHOCK WAVE SRP 10
82 Durrant Buggs Baby Come Back SHOCK WAVE SRP 11
88 Black Flames Never You Change (12") SHOCK WAVE SRP 12
88 Felix The Cat Jamming World SHOCK WAVE SRP 13
90 Sweet Energy Crisis SHOCK WAVE SRP 14
90 Second City Sounds Dream City SHOCK WAVE SRP 15
90 Sweet Energy One Day SHOCK WAVE SRP 16
90 Not Traced SHOCK WAVE SRP 17
90 Not Traced SHOCK WAVE SRP 18
90 Not Traced SHOCK WAVE SRP 19
91 Haswell Prissy Miss Maybe SHOCK WAVE SRP 20

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