Independent American label: Shelter Records was started in the late 1960s by Leon Russell, Denny Cordell and a number of their friends.  Bigger in the States than in Britain, where only J. J. Cale and Tom Petty made any great impression, it closed in 1979 and its artists moved en masse to MCA -  a few J. J. Cale records did however come out on Shelter in 1981-82 over here.  Initially the company's product was released on A&M in Britain, with the actual Shelter label itself only making its first appearance in 1976.  It was marketed and sometimes distributed by Island Records, with whose singles it shared a WIP-6000 catalogue sequence.  Manufacture was by EMI;  EMI' Licensed Record Division marketed some of the singles. Shelter Records came in a black Island sleeve, which suggests that other Shelter releases may have done the same.  Two label designs were used: one with a rather hand-drawn-looking logo until June 1977, and a more planetish one from July of that year onwards. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

76 Leon Russell Tightrope SHELTER  WIP 6290
76 Dwight Twilly Band IM On Fire SHELTER  WIP 6321
76 J. J. Cale Hey Baby SHELTER  WIP 6339
76 Twily Dwight Could Be Love SHELTER  WIP 6341
76 Leon Russell Slipping Into Christmas SHELTER  WIP 5365
76 J. J. Cale Travelin Light  SHELTER  WIP 6366
77 Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers American Girl SHELTER  WIP 6377
77 J. J. Cale After Midnight SHELTER  WIP 6393
77 Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers Anything That'S Rock 'N' Roll SHELTER WIP 6396
77 Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers American Girl SHELTER WIP 6403
77 Twily Dwight Trying To Find My Baby SHELTER  WIP 6408
77 Moore Matthew Savannah SHELTER  WIP 6409
78 Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers I Need To Know SHELTER  WIP 6426
78 The Dwight Twilley Band Twilley Don't Mind SHELTER  WIP 6427
78 J. J. Cale I'M A Gypsy Man SHELTER  WIP 6434
78 Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers Listen To Her Heart SHELTER  WIP 6455
79 J.J. Cale Katy, Kool Lady SHELTER  WIP 6479
79 Dwight Twilley Band Out Of My Hands SHELTER  WIP 6480
79 Phoebe Snow Poetry Man SHELTER  WIP 6484
79 J.J. Cale Katy, Kool Lady  SHELTER  WIP 6521
79 Total Eclipse You Got The Cooties SHELTER  WIP 6523
81 J.J. Cale Carry On SHELTER  WIP 6686
81 J.J. Cale Mama Don't  SHELTER  WIP 6697
82 J.J. Cale City Girls ? SHELTER  WIP 6775
79 Dwight Twilley Runaway SHELTER  DWIGHT 001

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