Independent Irish label: Sharp Records managed at least nine singles. It issued singles in an SHA-100 numerical series. Distributed By Sharp Records. Sharp Records Former Address:  8 Lower Mount Street, Dublin 2 Ireland.

76 The Sandpipers Hang On Sloopy / Skidrow Joe SHARP SHA 101
77 Reunion Blodwyn / Sing Me A Rainbow SHARP SHA 102
77 Billy Donegan, Tricia & Jambalaya Arms Around The World / Blue Eyes SHARP SHA 103
77 Margaret O'Rourke, Gerry Reynolds & The Hi-Lows On The Rebound / Anything's Better Than Nothing SHARP SHA 104
77 John Flood & The Floodlights Velvet Mornings / Happiness Is Just Around The Corner SHARP SHA 105
77 Big Steve Lynch Toast To Ireland / Steve's One Man Band  SHARP SHA 106
77 Gene Stuart & The Mighty Avons Papa's Wagon / Mississippi Sands SHARP SHA 107
77 Stu Stevens Hudson Bay / My Woman My Woman My Wife  SHARP SHA 108
77 Hugh McClean & The Mighty Avons An Expert At Everything / Missing You Missing Me SHARP SHA 109

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