Independent label: Sharing Records was a Christian music label.  Sharing appears to have operated from 1976 to 1978. Catalogue numbers suggest that it issued at least nine records in the 70s; four out of the five so far have been LPs, but it qualified for this site by issung the EP shown 'Believe The Impossible' by Sharon Evangelism.  Numbering was in an SC-000 series; the 7" record (records?) had a '7' in front of the 'SC'.  The contents of the Sharon Evangelism EP consist of a gentle, rather easy-listening, song; a testimony from someone who was 'healed through the power of prayer'; and a sermon about the simplicity of faith.  The testimony mentions 'the Sharon Church of Brooks's Bar, Manchester' and 'Pastor Barrett', who presumably is the man delivering the sermon.  It seems logical to guess that that Church, which was founded by William Barrett, was responsible for the recordings.  Pressing was by Orlake. Distributed By Sharing Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

76 Sharon People That I May Dwell Among Them (Album) SHARING  SC 001
76 Pax Peace Like A River (Album) SHARING  SC 002
76 Graham Davies Then I Stood Back (Album) SHARING  SC 003
76 Not Traced SHARING  SC 004
77 Sharon Evangelism Believe The Impossible SHARING  SC 005
77 Not Traced SHARING  SC 006
77 Not Traced SHARING  SC 007
78 Fisher  Hide In A Rock (Album) SHARING  SC 008
78 Steve Thompson He Had The Keys (Album) SHARING  SC 009
80 John Wilson In The Land Of Brick And Mortar (Album) SHARING  SC 010
80 Brian & Violet Thompson & Gillian Love Return Sweet Gentle Dove (Album)  SHARING  SC 011
80 Living Witness Guide me Lord (Album)  SHARING  SC 012

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