Independent label: Shanghai Records was a Birmingham-based label. Shanghai only lasted for long enough to issue two singles: Felt's, 'Index' (SRTS/79/CUS-321; 1979); and the Versatile Newts', 'Newtrition' (002; 1980) 1000 copies only - 600 were destroyed soon after, leaving only 400 copies in existence..  The Newts were a project of Felt's bass player, Nick Gilbert; the labels of their single were blank with the titles stamped on.  Felt went on to record for Cherry Red, and became something of a cult band in the '80s. Distributed By Shanghai  Records. Shanghai Records Former Address: 3 Albion Cottages Birmingham Road Water Orton B'Ham B46. Felt were an alternative rock band founded in Birmingham, England in 1979 and led by Lawrence Hayward. They existed for ten years, throughout the 1980s, during which time they released ten singles and ten albums.The single "Index", was a self-published solo recording. A noisy effort unlike Felt's subsequent records. With Lawrence on vocals and guitar, the band was formed properly in 1980 with the addition of schoolfriend Nick Gilbert (on drums) and local guitarist Maurice Deebank. Becoming co-writer with Lawrence, Deebank's classical style of playing would provide the band's signature sound in its early years. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Felt Index SHANGHAI SRTS/79/CUS-321
80 Versatile Newts Newtrition SHANGHAI NO 2

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