Sham 69 Records was a DIY label. It managed at least two singles. , 'Song Of The Streets' was a DIY freebie / mail order effort in November 1977. Some 2,000 copies given away at gigs and later on another 10,000 given away at gigs. It had no catalogue number. Distributed By Sham 69 Records. Sham 69 is an English punk rock band that formed in Hersham in 1976. The band was one of the most successful punk bands in the United Kingdom, achieving five Top 20 singles. The original unit broke up in 1979. he band's name is said to have derived from a piece of graffiti that founder Jimmy Pursey saw on a wall. It originally said Walton and Hersham '69 but had partly faded away, and made reference to when Walton & Hersham F.C. secured the Athenian League title in 1969. band members Jimmy Pursey (vocals,), Albie "Slider" Maskell (bass), Neil Harris (guitar, 1975-77), Mark "Dodie" Cain (drums, 1977-79). Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

77 Sham 69 Song Of The Streets SHAM 69 No Cat Number
78 Sham 69 What Have We Got SHAM 69 No Cat Number

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