Shag Nasty Records was from 1979. It was financed by the band of that name, a Punk outfit from Essex.  It issued only one single, the band's own, 'No Bullshit Just Rock 'n' Roll' (SN-1 / 2; each side had its own catalogue number). Distributed By Shag Nasty Records. Shag Nasty was formed in London in 1977, after a generous donation from long standing friend 'Joe Strummer' who gave 'Rif'f' & 'Gary' 500 from his advance from "CBS" Records.Band Members were Bass, Vocals Tosh Drums Nick Shirley Guitar, Vocals Riff Star Vocals Gary Sharp. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Shag Nasty No Bullshit Just Rock N Roll SHAG NASTY SN 1 / SN 2

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