Independent label: Shadow Records was set up by Barry Murray and Harry Simmonds. It had signed a three-year distribution deal with Selecta, but in the event it seems to have issued just two records.  The one which interests us was a single, 'Bless You' b/w 'A Kinder Lie' by the Jay Twins, which came out in August 1979 and had a catalogue number of SHA-1.  'Bless You' was a Revival Rock 'n' Roll ballad, vaguely reminiscent of the Rubettes' 'Sugar Baby Love'.  Manufacture was by Decca.  Shadow's other release was a peculiar one: it was a recording of a seance in which medium Carmen Rogers attempted to contact the spirit of Elvis Presley.  A commentary was provided by Radio 1 deejay Stuart Colman, and the album, which was called 'The Elvis Seance' (SHA LP-101) came out on the second anniversary of Elvis's death. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Jay Twins Bless You SHADOW SHA 1

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