Independent Welsh label from the Punk / New Wave years: Sgwar ('Square') Records was owned by the band Trwynau Coch (the 'Red Noses').  It issued two EPs by that band in or around 1978, which were numbered in an RSR-000 series.  The band's records subsequently appeared on the Coch label, which they also owned. Distributed By Sgwar Records. Trwynau Coch was a Punk-pop band formed in 1977 in Swansea (and may have been based in Aberystwyth in the early 80s), featuring  Huw Eurig (gtr) (did work at S4C, now a media consultant), Rhys Harris (voc) (now an accountant in Caernarfon) and his brother, Alan Harris (bass) is now a doctor in Neath, and Ian Jones (drums). Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 Consort Pres Gymreig Yr Oriel Gelfyddyd (ALBUM) SGWAR RSCG 001
78 Trwynau Coch Merched Dan 15 SGWAR RSR 002
78 Trwynau Coch Wastod Ar Y Tu Fas SGWAR RSR 003

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