Independent American; a Soul / Disco label: Seville Records started off in the '60s in the USA, but it had to wait until 1974 before it made its debut over here.  It issued at least twenty-nine singles in Britain, numbered in a SEV-1000 series, but only registered in the Charts once: with Dooley Silverspoon's, 'Let Me Be The Number One' (SEV-1020) in 1976.  Despite that single's title, it only got to No.44.  As far as these islands are concerned, Seville doesn't appear to have survived into 1978.  Its products were marketed by President and distributed by Enterprise / Lugton / H. R. Taylor. Dooley Silverspoon was born in Lancaster, South Carolina on Halloween 1946, one of four children. He started his professional career at the age of 6 in gospel music taking inspiration from such artistes as The Five Blind Boys of Alabama, the Gospelaires and Clarence Fountain. By the time he was 13 he came to New York on tour which then became his home. In 1972 Dooley made his first record for the Phillybased R & B label North Bay Records. At that time he was in fact known as Little Dooley. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

75 Snoopy Dean Shake And Bump SEVILLE SEV 1000
75 Smokey 007 Never Ending Song Of Love SEVILLE SEV 1001
75 Dooley Silverspoon Bump Me Baby SEVILLE SEV 1002
75 Byrd Bobby Back From The Dead SEVILLE SEV 1003
75 Black Stash Mighty Love Man SEVILLE SEV 1004
75 Byrd Bobby Headquarters SEVILLE SEV 1005
75 Snoopy Dean Lady Lady Lady SEVILLE SEV 1006
75 Funky Party Band Chocolate & Vinilla SEVILLE SEV 1007
75 Not Issued SEVILLE SEV 1008
76 Rainy Days Party SEVILLE SEV 1009
76 Burton Jeanne Nobody Loves Me Like You Do SEVILLE SEV 1010
76 Black Rock  New York City Bump  SEVILLE SEV 1011
76 Black Stash Mr Sadness SEVILLE SEV 1012
76 Black Rock New York City Bump SEVILLE SEV 1013
76 Fame Georgie You'Re Gone SEVILLE SEV 1014
76 Dooley Silverspoon As Long As You Know Who You Are SEVILLE SEV 1015
76 Anderson Debra Where Do We Go From Here SEVILLE SEV 1016
76 Burton Jeanne American Music SEVILLE SEV 1017
76 Little Milton Friends Of Mine SEVILLE SEV 1018
76 Maresca Ernie Shout Shout Shout Knock Yourself Out SEVILLE SEV 1019
76 Dooley Silverspoon Let Me Be The No 1 SEVILLE SEV 1020
76 T-Connection Disco Magic SEVILLE SEV 1021
76 Dooley Silverspoon Game Players SEVILLE SEV 1022
76 Dooley Silverspoon What In The World SEVILLE SEV 1023
76 Burton Jeanne Am I Losing You SEVILLE SEV 1024
76 Dooley Silverspoon Closer To Loving You SEVILLE SEV 1025
76 St George Danny  Talk Talk SEVILLE SEV 1026
76 Dooley Silverspoon Mr Deluxe SEVILLE SEV 1027
77 Chrisland  Blue Is My Balloon SEVILLE SEV 1028
77 Carroll Johnny Rattle My Bones SEVILLE SEV 1029
77 Lindsey Judy Fujiyama Mama SEVILLE SEV 1030

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